Maybe you have a few questions. Here’s a collection of questions some people commonly ask us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need clarification. We are happy to assist you!

Q:  Will you be listing my house on the MLS or actually buying it?
A:  High Peaks Capital is a professional home buying company. We don’t list your home which saves you the marketing and commission expenses! We simply buy your home with our fair cash offer.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for properties?
A:  We buy most homes below market value. However we don’t charge any commissions, marketing expenses, fix-up costs or closing costs. We’re also quick with purchasing your home that requires no wait time on financing. We offer a fair cash price to your home with no-obligation pricing commitment.

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Q:  How do you determine the price to offer on my house?
A:  Our process is straightforward and honest. Our offer is based on the location, repairs, comparable houses that were sold recently, and current condition of the property. We take multiple information into consideration to come up with a fair price that works for us and you.

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
A: This is what differentiate us with the traditional method home selling. There are no fees or commissions when you sell your home to us. We’ll make an offer based on our criteria and close fast. We make a cash offer to your property hassle free and you decide at the end of the day if you want to take our offer or not.

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: Real estate agents list properties and can represents buyers and/or sellers. When you market your property through an agent, you’ll have to pay for marketing, commissions and other fee expenses. On our end, we don’t charge any closing costs, commissions, fees, or cost in marketing. We are able to close your home faster than the typical process with a real estate agent. We’re not agents, we’re home buyers. Check out more information here.

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my info?
A: There are no obligations! We simply make a cash-offer after evaluating your home and from there it’s your decision if you want to sell your home or not.

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